SurePath™ Collection Devices

Below is a picture of what happens when ink from a gel pen gets wet.


Please avoid using gel pens when writing on container labels.

Procedure for Sending Specimens to MAWD Pathology


  1. Fill out all required areas on test requisition.  “R/O or suspicious for” is not acceptable for diagnosis information.

  2. Make sure patient demographic and insurance information is included – either write in information on requisition OR attach a face sheet and a copy of the insurance card.

  3. Make sure specimen(s) are properly labeled: In addition to specimen source and date of collection, all specimen container(s) must be labeled with 2 distinct patient identifiers, the patient’s first and last name and one of the following:  Date of Birth, Medical Record Number, or Unique Identification Number.

  4. If submitting more than one specimen, please number each sequentially on the specimen container to correspond to the requisition.

  5. Place the labeled, tightly closed formalin jar(s) in the front pocket of the MAWD specimen bag and the test request in the rear pocket and seal. **Please only include one patient per specimen bag. You can include multiple specimens from a patient in the bag, but keep each patient’s specimens in separate bags.

  6. Call 816-241-3338 to request a courier for a specimen pickup or if you have any questions.


Thank you for all that you do to ensure accurate diagnoses for your patients.  Please call if you have questions (816-241-3338 or 800-933-6293).  We are happy to come to your office to provide a quick in-service and to answer any questions for your physicians and staff.