Does MAWD offer serology antibody testing for Covid-19? What is the price?

Yes, MAWD is offering serology antibody testing for COVID-19. The cash price for antibody testing is $50.

Does MAWD offer COVID-19 testing? What is the price?

Yes, MAWD is currently working with our hospital partners to test CDC Priority 1 and Priority 2 patients. The cash price for COVID-19 is $249.

Why did I receive a bill/EOB from this doctor? I do not know this doctor and I do not remember having any procedures performed.

The provider is one of the pathologists for MAWD Pathology Group. If you have had a biopsy or Pap smear at your doctor’s office, had surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center, or were a patient at one of the 5 hospitals for which we are medical directors and perform anatomic pathology, you may be receiving a statement for pathology or cytology services that were performed by one of the MAWD pathologists.

Where do I call to pay or discuss my bill?

The number for billing is 833-902-0915. Client service representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Who is McKesson and why is the billing performed out of state?

McKesson is the billing company for MAWD. They are professionals in pathology billing and have the resources for providing a high level of service. If you have a question that they cannot answer, you are always welcome to call our offices at 816-241-3338.

Why was I put into collections? I never received a bill.

At one point you must have received a bill and assumed it would be covered by insurance. Or we may have received incorrect billing information from the doctor’s office or hospital, or your address may have changed at some point. If you call MAWD at 816-241-3338, someone in client services or our general manager will be happy to help you and determine why this happened.