MAWD Pathology Group offers unmatched and diverse advanced subspecialty expertise.  MAWD includes three board certified hematopathologists, three board certified dermatopathologists, two pathologists with fellowship training in gastrointestinal (GI) pathology, and the region’s only board certified molecular genetic pathologist.  Every pathologist at MAWD has at least one area of expert focus, even when board certification is not available.  MAWD employs many of the regions recognized leaders in subspecialty pathology.

MAWD Pathology Group has a commitment to quality and patient safety – all malignant diagnoses and complex cases are reviewed by a second pathologist within the group for concurrence.  MAWD utilizes nationally recognized pathologist experts in their particular subspecialty to review and concur on unusual, rare or particularly complex diagnostic cases to ensure that the rendered diagnosis is the correct diagnosis so the patient will receive the correct therapy at our institutions.


Services Dermatopathology

GI Pathology

Services GI Pathology


Services Cytopathology

Gynecologic Pathology

Services Gynecologic Pathology

Breast Pathology

Services Breast Pathology


Services Hematopathology

Molecular Pathology

Services Molecular Pathology

MAWD Pathologists by Subspecialty

Blood Banking

Deborah Borek, MD
Chakshu Gupta, MD


Pablo Hernandez-Rios, MD


Edgar Hunt, MD
Garth Fraga, MD
Melissa Jacobs, MD
Scott M. Ravis, MD
Justin D. Richey, MD, FCAP

GI Pathology

Brett Sramek, DO
Jason Scott Holly, MD

GYN Pathology

Kenneth Watson, DO


Douglas Shevlin, MD
Drew Nedved, MD
Kenneth Spengel, DO

Molecular Pathology

Samuel Caughron, MD


Michael Caughron, MD

Surgical Pathology

Deborah A. Borek, MD
Michael R. Caughron, MD
Samuel K. Caughron, MD
Garth R. Fraga, MD
Chakshu Gupta, MD
Pablo J. Hernandez-Rios, MD
Jason-Scott L. Holly, MD
Edgar L. Hunt, Jr., MD
Melissa S. Jacobs, MD
Drew D. Nedved, MD
Justin D. Richey, MD, FCAP
Douglas W. Shevlin, MD
Ken C. Spengel, DO
Brett W. Sramek, DO
Kenneth R. Watson, DO